In 1983 Buffalo Bill’s Brewery pioneered a bold new direction in American brewing. Today, as one of the nations oldest brewpubs, Buffalo Bill’s continues to offer a great selection of outstanding craft beer, including year-round favorites as well as seasonal specialties.

Orange Blossom Cream Ale

Only nature knows the recipe!

Orange Blossom Cream Ale is a refreshing light ale with hints of fresh orange. It is brewed with sweet orange peel, orange blossom extract and honey. Orange Blossom is available for ordering from January – June

Strawberry Blonde Ale

A refreshing summer brew

Strawberry Blonde Ale is the newest addition to the Buffalo Bill’s Brewery lineup of seasonal craft beers. This beer has a sessionable body and strawberry aroma with a hint of ginger. It’s a blonde ale brewed with real strawberries and Jamaican ginger. Strawberry Blonde Ale is available from February – September

Pumpkin Ale

Pumpkin pie in a bottle

America’s Original Pumpkin Ale was first brewed in 1985. Made with real pumpkin, it has a golden amber color, and the sweet aroma of pumpkin pie. This brew is perfect for Fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Pumpkin Ale is available from August – November

Blueberry Oatmeal Stout

The perfect winter warmer

A full bodied stout brewed with oatmeal, chocolate malt and real blueberries. Balanced with Kent Goldings and Cascade hops. It has enough alcohol to warm you at 7.5% ABV. Blueberry Oatmeal Stout is available from November – January

Alimony IPA

It’s Irreconcilably Different

First produced in 1987 for a customer going through a divorce, Alimony Ale gained cult status after articles appeared in Newsweek and Playboy. Alimony Ale is no longer the bitterest beer in America, just one of the best! Alimony Ale is available year-round.

Tasmanian Devil Ale

Good for drinkin’ ‘n dog bites

This California Strong Ale was first brewed in 1986 and gained notoriety, appearing in stories in Newsweek Magazine. Brewed with a variety of hops from Tasmania, Australia and California, this Strong Ale has a smooth malt character but is never bitter. Tasmanian Devil is available year-round.

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